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The Lounge Summer Campus London 2016

Time is drawing near and we have finalised preparations for this year’s London Campus. The dates of the campus are 11th - 25th July. As usual we will be flying from Malpensa to London Heathrow with British Airways. The accommodation is in Imperial College South Kensington in their newer student accommodation premises. The students will be staying in their own private rooms with private bathroom and shower. We have also organised 2 twin rooms for the younger students. An ample buffet breakfast is included in the accommodation.

As always the goal is to use the English language in its true natural environment, coupled with learning about, and living, life in the greatest city on earth. The group will be divided into smaller groups according to age and interest and lessons and activities will be adapted to specific age and levels.

The students will be accompanied at all times, as normal, and all activities will be guided to a theme.

We will organise a meeting with parents to give more detailed information.

The bigger students and those who have been to London, New York, Boston and Washington with us in the past,will have a little more freedom to move around (throughout the day with parental consent) in their group but always within a tight radius of myself and Ross.

For our younger and new students we will be seeing and living all that London has to offer. Every aspect of its culture, lifestyle, food and recreation. The day will start with a lesson to theme before we depart from the University.

The day’s activity will have greater impact and meaning given the “pre-study” carried out beforehand. They will have more responsibility for their cultural visits having foreknowledge of what they want to see and experience and why.

Lunch is “on the go” in true London style (remember breakfast is enormous) and the end of every day is spent in Hyde Park or Hyde Park Tennis Club where we have a wind down with tennis, football, baseball...... Then its a break, a shower and out to dinner. We encourage the children to enjoy a variety of food on offer; traditional English, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, but where requested there is always Italian to be had.

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