Middle and High School 
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Learn English as kids do in England

As our younger learners progress we begin to align what they're doing with what native speaking children are doing in the UK.  By using KeyStage materials, adapted to our children here in Lugano, we can best prepare our children for what would be expected of them on an international level.

Swiss and Italian High School diploma preparation

Our teachers are qualified native English teachers with experience in Elementary, Middle and High School teaching.
Our knowledge of the Italian, Swiss and IB systems positions us to better help the student obtain the best from their exam.

TOEFL Junior exam preparation. CEFR mapped test scores for middle school students

The students of TheLounge!™ will never have to open another English book at home, we've got it all taken care of:
  • homework workshop
  • theatre workshop brings literature to life
  • test preparation
  • oral exam preparation
  • end of year exam preparation
  • for new students who need to recuperate, September exam preparation